Meet Kyle, the latest addition to The Exterior Zone family. As our new Account Manager in training, Kyle brings with him a vibrant passion for innovation, an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and a fresh perspective on the transformative power of exterior design. In our exclusive interview, Kyle shares his journey to The Exterior Zone, his aspirations, and how he plans to contribute to our legacy of excellence. Dive into the story of how Kyle’s vision aligns with our mission to redefine exterior renovation, fostering connections that go beyond the surface to create lasting impressions. Join us in welcoming Kyle — a new chapter begins.

Welcome to The Exterior Zone, Kyle! Can you share a little about your background and what led you to join our team?


I have worked a near-decade in the construction sales, project management and inspections fields. I started out in the flooring industry as a sales representative, measuring residential houses for new carpet, LVP or hardwood floor coverings. After a few years I was promoted to the installation manager, scheduling our 8 crews with jobs and handling the day-to-day problem solving that comes with that territory. I realized I loved that side of the construction industry, and I had a knack for getting jobs done while keeping the crews happy and profits rolling in.
During my tenure at one of Detroit’s larger flooring operations, I worked heavily with an Insurance Restoration company and all of their project managers- helping them complete the flooring portions of their projects. I was offered a position with that company, and after 6 months was able to build an internal flooring division. Setting up a showroom, manufacturer accounts and hiring the right crews all while handling the internal sales, measuring & service portions of the job were strenuous but rewarding.
In the Insurance Restoration world, I noticed my coworkers were constantly leaving, and it felt like a revolving door around me. I decided I needed to make a change.

I needed to find a company that valued its employees and hired for longevity, genuinely cared about its clientele, and that chooses to do what’s right over turning a profit.

For years I have admired The Exterior Zone from afar, and had reached out a few times to the owner. Out of the few conversations we had, I had noticed there was a consistency in every phone call – He was building something that would be heavily involved in the local communities, his employees would be IN HOUSE (not common in our industry, for those who don’t know,) and he wanted his team to be able to support their families, while providing a premium white glove service to each and every client that reaches out.

This captivated me from the start, and I knew that this was the atmosphere I was looking for. I wanted to become a part of The Exterior Zone team, and after a few interviews with the owner and director of operations, I was offered a role within the company!

As the new Account Manager, what are you most excited about in your role?

As the new Account Manager, I am most excited about helping clients make their dream exteriors a reality! Having the privilege of managing the projects that our clients choose us for, has always been a passion of mine. I love being the go-to person for the crews as well as the clients and being able to see a project through from the start into fruition is extremely rewarding for me.

The Exterior Zone is known for its commitment to innovation and excellence.
How do you see yourself contributing to this vision?

I feel my experience in helping customers navigate through high-end construction projects, while simultaneously managing the projects, crews, budgets and maintaining expectations has prepared me for my journey with The Exterior Zone. Ensuring our clients are taken care of, responded too and updated consistently is what I can guarantee in contributing. Wanting to help clients and do the right thing over profits is a core belief of mine, and I knew The Exterior Zone shares those same values!

Building strong relationships is key in our line of work. What’s your approach to creating meaningful connections with clients?

I have been known all of my life as a strong networker! This comes from my love of people in general. I enjoy talking to people, having conversations and becoming friends with my clients. I have many clients that have become like family over the years who still call me for projects regularly, and as time goes on I will continue to be the very best advocate for my clients to earn their trust while creating lasting relationships through projects.

Can you share an experience that shaped your understanding of customer service excellence?

The Embassy Suites hotel in Troy MI needed new carpeting on all of their 13 floors, including their 3 elevators in the center of the hotel. The manager of the hotel was paying an extra $1,000 daily to a union elevator maintenance company who had to be on-site while my crews worked in the elevators. In order to get the project completed in time, and to help my client avoid paying an absorbent amount of fees, I had decided to stay at the hotel overnight for a 3 day period so my crews could work through the night on shifts. The manager of that hotel was so thankful for what I did, that she made our company the first call for any future work. This was a key moment for me, where I realized truly doing your best for people and giving them the attention they deserve, will go a long way.

The exterior renovation industry is ever-evolving. How do you stay informed and ahead of industry trends?

I plan to keep in touch with all of our manufacturers reps to always stay up to date on the best practices, as well as working with my peers in reviewing all of the latest data that comes down the pipeline.

We all have motivations that drive us in our careers. What’s yours, and how does it align with The Exterior Zone’s mission?

My motivation that drives me the furthest is having a purpose and being excellent at what my purpose is in all I do. The Exterior Zones mission is to provide a premium experience, and that is what I plan to do!

Outside of work, what are your passions or hobbies? How do they reflect on your professional life?

Outside of work I live a quiet life with my Fiance, enjoying time with family and friends – and the occasional golf outings. My passions recharge me, and keep me balanced in my professional life.

Looking ahead, what are some goals you’re aiming to achieve in your first year with The Exterior Zone?

I plan to have a long and fulfilling career growing with The Exterior Zone. I aim to be a part of the core group of leadership that drives the company into multiple locations, with an expanding team, all providing premium experiences everywhere we are!

Finally, is there a message or insight you’d like to share with our clients and team members as you embark on this journey with us?

I’d like to thank everyone for welcoming me in, and to let everyone know I give my word to be the best version of myself for you all throughout this journey!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Kyle, a key new member of our team who is as excited about enhancing your experience with The Exterior Zone as we are. Kyle’s dedication to excellence and innovation is a beacon that guides us towards providing even more exceptional service and transformative exterior solutions. As we move forward, we’re confident that Kyle’s contributions will elevate the projects and relationships we cherish with you, our valued clients. Stay tuned for the remarkable journey ahead.

Together, let’s continue to create spaces that inspire and stand the test of time.

Welcome to the team, Kyle—here’s to crafting new horizons together!