Redefining Renovation

With over 15 years of dedicated service, The Exterior Zone has become synonymous with excellence in renovation and maintenance across Oxford, Lake Orion, Metamora, Rochester, Lapeer, Clarkston, and surrounding areas in Michigan. Our unique approach ensures that we minimize disruption, focusing on detail and high-quality craftsmanship to turn your dreams into reality.

Excellence in Every Renovation

The Exterior Zone was born from a vision to create a family united by a passion for excellence. For over 15 years, we have been providing turn-key solutions for all your Exterior Renovation Projects, guided by our core principles of precision, communication, and protection. With us, you get the comfort of knowing your zone is safeguarded by a dedicated team that believes in doing it right the first time.

The renovation industry’s oversaturation, combined with varying standards and practices, has often led to dissatisfaction and mistrust. We’ve listened to clients’ concerns about workmanship, certifications, and quality control when working with other companies. At The Exterior Zone, we strive to rise above these challenges by prioritizing high standards, regular training, and adhering to stringent regulations and licensing. Our commitment is not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them, ensuring an exceptional experience at every stage of the renovation process.

Exzo Academy

We have created an academy that allows us to appropriately train our staff with up-to-date techniques and methods, ensuring a positive experience and built-to-last quality on your project. From Apprentice to Journeyman, Master, and even Admin Project Manager, our team members have the opportunity to grow with us and turn their job into a career. This commitment to growth and development fosters a team that shares our core values of sustainability and premium experiences.

Our team consists of highly qualified and trained specialists who work one-to-one with you, guaranteeing a successful project and satisfactory outcome. Your trust in our expertise empowers us to keep innovating and elevating the standards of renovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a secure and positive workplace for our team, allowing us to offer you customized services that reflect your unique needs and vision. We strive to complete each project with the utmost integrity, ensuring a sustainable future with beautifully constructed exteriors that withstand the test of time.

For us, quality is more than an act; it’s a best practice, imbued with continuous improvement, learning, and adaptation. Our approach is one of empathy and authenticity, radiating a genuine commitment to serving you with respect.

Sustainability is our top priority, and we take pride in completing projects that not only look beautiful but are crafted with professionalism to last for generations. We eliminate complexity and uncertainty, providing clear communication and expert guidance at every stage of the process.

Your trust in us means that your zone is protected, and we approach each project as a unified force, working together to fulfill our vision of becoming a family of professionals. From day one, The Exterior Zone has been committed to being your all-in-one solution for all exterior renovation projects, transforming your dreams into reality.

ZoneExpert Certification

At The Exterior Zone, we believe in the power of personal development and professional growth. Our investment in our team members extends beyond mere skills training; it’s about building a culture where everyone feels a sense of pride, accomplishment, and teamwork.

Our customers trust our integrity and speak highly of the positive experiences they’ve had with us. We don’t just meet expectations; we go the extra mile to create raving fans of our services.

While individual accomplishments deserve celebration, we put a strong emphasis on teamwork. More is achieved together, and every team member’s contribution has a significant impact on our ability to serve our community with compassion and excellence.

We foster an environment where thinking outside the box is not only encouraged but celebrated. Through our unique training environments and professional development opportunities, we enable our team members to strive continuously and innovate.

A ZoneExpert at The Exterior Zone isn’t just a title; it’s a recognition of mastery, dedication, and excellence. We provide a safe learning environment where employees are free to make mistakes and learn from them, ensuring that when it comes to creating your vision of the perfect home, we get it right.

Our ZoneExpert certification includes three levels of recognition, each signifying a different stage of expertise and commitment.


Our ZoneExpert Apprenticeship is more than a mere initiation; it’s the foundation of a professional journey with The Exterior Zone. This program, designed specifically for new team members, includes 16 intensive hours of training, laying the groundwork for a successful career with us.

At the end of this enriching course, our apprentices:

  1. Embrace our Core Values: Understanding our values and requirements for continuous professional growth sets the tone for a fulfilling and impactful career.
  2. Master Manufacturer Protocols: With over 12 certifications from leading manufacturers, our apprentices attain a deep understanding of installation manuals and post-installation testing procedures.
  3. Follow Our Unique Methods: Knowing and adhering to The Exterior Zone’s installation methods ensures consistency in quality control testing across all our projects.
  4. Complete OSHA Training: Safety is paramount, and our apprentices undergo authorized OSHA training to ensure they know how to keep themselves and others safe on the job.
  5. Become First Aid Certified: Being prepared for emergencies is vital, and our apprentices receive first aid certification as part of their comprehensive training.

Our ZoneExpert Apprenticeship isn’t just about imparting skills; it’s about nurturing professionals who are aligned with our vision, committed to excellence, and equipped to deliver premium experiences.

ZoneExpert Journeyman

A ZoneExpert Journeyman represents the embodiment of skill, dedication, and continuous learning within The Exterior Zone family. This prestigious title is not simply granted but earned through rigorous training and real-world experience.

To achieve and maintain the status of a ZoneExpert Journeyman, our specialists must:

  1. Deepen Their Craftsmanship: Successfully completing an additional 16 hours of apprenticeship and testing helps them master the latest techniques and methods in exterior renovation.
  2. Engage in Professional Development: Regular attendance at professional development seminars ensures that their knowledge stays current and that they remain aligned with industry best practices.
  3. Invest in Education: A total of 32 hours of specialized coursework, beyond the 16 hours of apprenticeship, deepens their understanding of our unique approach and the quality we demand.
  4. Demonstrate Loyalty and Commitment: Maintaining active employment with The Exterior Zone for at least one year signifies a devotion to our values and mission.
  5. Amass Significant Experience: Completing 1,040 hours of training under a Zone Expert certified Master, or proving 4,000 hours of verified trade experience, showcases their hands-on mastery of our craft.

Our ZoneExpert Journeymen are more than skilled workers; they are mentors, leaders, and advocates for excellence. They set an example for the next generation and are key players in our ongoing mission to provide a premium experience.

ZoneExpert Master

The title of ZoneExpert Master represents the pinnacle of professional achievement within The Exterior Zone. It is a symbol of unparalleled skill, dedication, and leadership. Only those who embody our highest standards are bestowed with this honor.

ZoneExpert Masters are not merely talented craftsmen; they are visionaries and decision-makers who are entrusted with the most complex and demanding projects. Their wisdom and insight guide our team, ensuring quality control, efficiency, and success.

To reach this elite level, a professional must demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to excellence by:

  1. Building on a Strong Foundation: Successfully completing and maintaining Journeyman certification lays the groundwork for reaching the master level.
  2. Earning Our Trust: Demonstrated reliability and commitment to project fulfillment earn them our complete faith and trust.
  3. Investing in Advanced Education: A total of 96 hours of specialized coursework, building on the foundation laid in apprentice and journeyman stages, reflects their profound understanding of our craft.
  4. Displaying Long-term Loyalty: Uninterrupted employment with The Exterior Zone for three years or longer speaks to their enduring dedication to our mission and values.
  5. Gathering Extensive Experience: Completing 3,000 hours of training under a Zone Expert certified master, or proving 12,000 hours of verified trade experience, showcases their mastery and leadership.

ZoneExpert Masters are more than our most qualified professionals; they are the embodiment of everything ‘The Exterior Zone’ stands for. They set the gold standard for our industry and are living proof of our unwavering commitment to excellence

All of our specialist experts undergo rigorous training and continuous professional development to uphold the highest quality control standards. At The Exterior Zone, we are fully committed to achieving excellence in every aspect of our work. This unyielding dedication ensures that we can fulfill our promise to you: to craft the perfect home that resonates with your vision, aspirations, and lifestyle. When you partner with us, you’re not just choosing a renovation company; you’re selecting a team that treats your dream as their own. Together, we turn those dreams into enduring reality.

Voices of Trust

At ‘The Exterior Zone’, we believe that our work speaks for itself, but we also know that hearing directly from those we’ve served can paint the clearest picture. Below, discover the stories, feedback, and accolades from clients who have experienced the excellence, precision, and passion that we bring to every project. Their voices resonate with our commitment to providing a premium renovation experience, tailored uniquely to each home. Your dream is our passion, and our clients’ words are a testament to that promise.

Cindy Roberts
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We were beyond pleased with The Exterior Zone and would recommend them in a heartbeat. Dillon was prompt in responding to our inquiry and walked us through each stage of our project. He clearly wants to reduce uncertainty and for customers to be 100% satisfied. The crew is great! They are friendly, punctual, and communicate at every project stage. They were considerate of my plants and pots and left the areas around my home clean and tidy. Thank you, Dillon and crew. We couldn't be happier.
Deanna Tepper
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Dillon and his team have completed many projects for my family and me. They always do a fantastic job, and they're extremely knowledgeable and professional. They are a pleasure to work with and always leave everything clean. We can't thank you enough, Dillon and The Exterior Zone!
Richard Crab
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The Exterior Zone is a crew of extremely detail-oriented professionals. They care for their customers and are very responsive. I highly recommend their services. You will have excellent quality workmanship and clear communication.
Nicki Burns
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As soon as we met with Dillon, we knew that we wanted to work with him. The Exterior Zone replaced all the siding and gutters on our home, and it looks stunning! Dillon and his crew were friendly and professional at all times, with great communication and excellent craftsmanship. I couldn't believe their attention to detail, amazing! Thank you again, Exterior Zone!